18 decembre 2015

10h00 Fabien Leurent, Director of the Chair Stif-ENPC - Opening .
10h15 Ramandeep Singh - ICL - Decomposing journey time variance on the London Underground via semiparametric mixed models .
10h30 Daniel Horcher - ICL - Train-level crowding: Merging smart card data with train movement data
10h50 Fabien Leurent, Xiaoyan Xie -Enpc - Walking speed in stations: Merging smart card data with train movement data .
11h10 Discussion
11h30 Coffee Break
11h45 Dan Graham - ICL - the causal effects of pricing policies in mass-transport systems via analysis of large scale smart-card data .
12h15 Lydia Ladjouze, Zoi Christoforou - Enpc - Assessing pricing policies by combining large scale smart-card data and travel surveys .
12h30 Discussion

23 juin 2015

09h30 Jean-Patrick Lebacque - Grettia - Models for cooperative traffic .
10h15 Marion Berbineau - Cosys - Connected vehicle for cooperative systems. State of the art and perspectives .
11h00 Coffee break.
11h15 Romain Billot - Licit - A modeling and simulation framework for assessing the benefits of connected vehicles.
12h00 Matthis Gaciarz, LIRIS - Multimodal urbn traffic control in the environment of cooperative vehicles.

7 mai 2015

14h00 Anne Bouillard - ENS Paris & INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt - Algorithms for and from network calculus. .
14h45 Moya Gomez Borja - 2014 Abertis Winner - Heuristic Methods to Estimate Static O/D Matrices using traffic counts. .
15h30 Coffee break.
15h45 Jennie Lioris - University of Berkeley - Simulation Studies of Max-Pressure and Fixed-Time control for a network of signalized intersections. .
16h30 Jean-Patrick Lebacque - IFSTTAR/COSYS/GRETTIA - On traffic modeling in transportation networks. .