17 Novembre 2016

14h00 Antoine Tordeux, Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH and Bergische Universitat Wuppertal, Germany. Slides
Titre. Motion planning and control techniques for driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.
Résumé. Road driving assistance and automation systems are nowadays extensively developed in research centres and universities, and start to be commonly proposed by manufacturers. Partial and full automated driving are subject to speculation on a new quality of road transportation in terms of safety, comfort, mobility, performance and environment. We propose to review the literature of connected and autonomous vehicles, automated motion planning techniques and associated control and safety processes.
Mots clefs. Road transportation; Driving assistance and automation systems; Connected and autonomous vehicles; Motion planning techniques; Traffic control and safety.
14h45 Walid Behiri et Sana Berraf, Esiee. Slides
Titre. Transport ferroviaire urbain de marchandises dans la perspective de mixité fret et voyageurs : modélisation et optimisation.
Résumé. This work studies an alternative way of transporting freight by using urban rail infrastructure. First, we identify and classify the different possibilities of mixing freight and passengers using rail network. As a second contribution, several optimization problems are identified dealing with urban freight. In this study, the addressed problem deals with a commuter line on which each station can be used as a loading/unloading platform for goods such as demand (goods boxes) is known in advance. As a third contribution, a discrete event simulation model is developed to evaluate the proposed transport solution, where the operational transport of goods is performed using several heuristics. Finally, a Mixed Integer Linear Program (MILP) model is proposed to optimize the process of goods transporting, with an objective of minimizing the total waiting time of daily deliveries such that each box is transported from its departure station to its arrival station. Numerical results show that a MILP model is able to solve instances whose size is close to realistic case in very short amount of time.
31 Mai 2016

14h00 Dr Pavel Emelyanov (NSU: Novosibirsk State University, Russie). Sur la conception des réseaux de transport. Slides .
15h00 Dr Pavel Emelyanov (NSU: Novosibirsk State University, Russie). System for analysis of Kauffman's boolean regulatory networks. Slides .
16h00 Café et discussion.

12 Mai 2016

10h00 Guillaume Costeseque (INRIA Sophia Antipolis - ACUMES) - Some recent developments of the traffic flow variational formulation. Slides .
10h45 Jean-Patrick Lebacque (Ifsttar/Cosys/Grettia) - On traffic modeling in transportation networks: the GSOM approach.
11h30 Déjeuner.
13h00 Paola Pellegrini (Ifsttar/Cosys/Leost) - Modélisation et gestion du trafic ferroviaire : résultats du projet SIGIFret. Slides .
13h45 Nicolas Coulombel (Ifsttar/Ame & Enpc / Lvmt) - Staggered work hours at the university: an economic appraisal using smart-card data. Slides .
14h30 Nadir Farhi (Ifsttar/Cosys/Grettia) - Traffic modeling and real-time control in metro lines. Slides .
15h15 Café et discussion.

25 février 2016

09h30 Xiaoyan Xie - Lvmt - Stochastic modelling of passengers' walking components along an urbain rail transit line. . Slides .
10h15 Pause Café.
10h30 Markos Papageorgiou - Technical University of Crete - Active Traffic Management and New Technologies. Slides .
11h15 Jean-Patrick Lebacque - Grettia - On traffic modeling in transportation networks. (reportée à la session prochaine).